Saturday, September 3, 2011

Futurama loves hackers

So, did anybody else notice this Thursday's episode of Futurama was all about the legal repercussions of hacking? Bender was overclocked and modified by Qbert, in order to increase his gaming skills, bringing down a firestorm of legal action from Mom's Robotic. 

Quite entertaining, and refreshing to see something so popular taking on the issue. My favorite line came after Qbert and The Professor were thrown in jail.

Professor: "Oh god, I clicked without reading!"
Q*bert: "And I slightly modified a thing that I own!"
Professor: "WE'RE MONSTERS!"

The episode takes a stab at the insanity that is licensing agreements, as well as the legal battles that usually follow high profile hacks, like the Geohot vs Sony battle. In the end, nothing is really solved in the court room, and bender gets reset to factory settings. But all in all, it's a pretty good episode to introduce your friends to the absurd battles the hacker community is fighting every day. And It's nice to see the Futurama crew has our back.